Show Hosts

Show Hosts

We have 2 slots open if people want to do their own shows all welcome.
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Tuesdays 7pm
Dr Rebecca Carley Vaccinations.
Wednesdays  8pm
Dr Julia Spivack & Barbara Bradbury.
Thursdays 8pm
The Andy Peacher Show With Guests.
Fridays 8pm
Mr Allan Dransfield Information Commissioners Social Watchdog.
Saturdays 5pm
Timothy spearman Andy Peacher Sherry are 3 Peas in a Podcast.
Sundays 7pm
Kevin Annett
Radio Free Anglia Genocide Human Trafficking Sra.​
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Freedom Talk Radio has become a favourite internet radio station for many people who are looking for an alternative source of information on current affairs and an insight into the truth around the topic of openness, truthfulness and transparency.

Freedom Talk Internet Radio is run by, Mr Andy Peacher, which he has developed and has become the very platform for people with an alternative view point to come onto the show and to announce their findings, ideas and suggestions and allows them to open up to the citizens by revealing their true beliefs on just exactly what is taking place in our World from their view point, which does on so many occasions, conflict and call into question with what is being broadcasted by the mainstream media, which is of course quite clearly under the control and watchful eye of the powers to be.

Freedom Talk Radio has Mr Andy Peacher at the healm, which has become a success due to the people that have participated in exposing serious misconduct within public office by public servants and other such matters and topics. The show has also created many you-tube videos that have been viewed by so many citizens who have then found the need to view the videos in order to awaken themselves to the truth of what is really taking place in our society.

The radio show delivers the truth and allows the listener to have an alternative choice and to decide for themselves, just exactly what they wish to believe. It is a proven matter of fact, that what this radio station reveals and delivers to the listeners through the means of openness and transparency, and, through the many professional speakers that broadcast their views, opinions and findings during the radio show interviews, which are to the best of their knowledge and true beliefs whilst participating in the radio interviews that do indeed, go out live on the internet, it has then created a great deal of interest from the main stream media, who have themselves on many occasions, struggled to dismiss what the interviews have uncovered, exposed and revealed.

Many of the individuals who are interviewed on the live shows are professionals in their field of expertise, where they have exposed and revealed to the listening audience, matters that the main stream media outlets would have been restrained from broadcasting from the controlling and ruling elite.