The Remedies for Global Financial Mess Show

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Join Neelu & Lee Cant for A cutting edge Look at the global Financial crisis and the remedies needed to solve the issue for the people.

Saturdays & 8pm UK Time 3pm Eastern with Neelu & Lee.

Remedies for Global Financial Mess – How we can get through it and fly …Invisible chains of Corporate slavery banking systems have taken our blood, sweat and tear money (Gold) and mixed it with paper, counterfeit, pirate currencies made out of thin air. We demand the fraud of this deception remedied with the Equal Gold Redistribution under quarantine laws, gold having been made redundant by the Federal Reserve Act 1933 by a corporation of the UK PLC’s City of London, namely, the USA. The 70 years ran out on 17 August 2015, so we are overdue our Equal Gold share almost 2 years. All banking, taxation, interest on loans, countries, governments, borders, embassies, passports, birth certificates are a FRAUD of enslavement of humanity which is against the oath to God to maintain God’s laws to SERVE & PROTECT God’s children.