The John Paterson Show

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The John Paterson Show

Live Tuesdays at 8pm uk time thats 3pm eastern time.

John Paterson gives evidence exposing The Biggest Organised Crime Network In History aka The New World Order with documented evidence from The Royal Commission into Organised Crime.

The first of this type in over 300 years.  Although “Strongly Advised” by Sussex Police Solicitors (name withheld for now)  NOT to post on social media or YouTube.  The fight continues to final victory.

Whistleblower, John Paterson John Paterson v State + Sussex Police + The Paedophile Elite

John Paterson – EXPOSES the BIGGEST fraud in British history: 788 – 790 Finchley Road

Nearly all “hate crimes” turn out to be HOAXES perpetrated by liberals to stir up hatred against conservatives. The real goal in all this — which is also being pursued by the evil globalist Jeff Bezos, founder of and owner of the fake news Washington Post — is the overthrow of the Republic. This will be followed, of course, by a massive false flag school shooting, a call for the complete disarmament of U.S. citizenry, and a final rollout of the totalitarian police state run by Leftists. All liberty-oriented websites will be de-indexed from Google, banned from Facebook sharing, blocked by email ISPs and possibly even shut down at the domain level through government seizures of domain names. All voices of liberty will be silenced, and only obedient conformity will be tolerated in the name of “tolerance.”

40 percent of “Doctors” salaries are derived from OVER-PRESCRIBING DANGEROUS PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS.

Your misery and death is their profit. See “Temples of The Occult” by the late great Eustace Mullins

In other words, stay away from harmful drugs and TRUST YOUSELF!

£60,000 or £100,000. What would YOU do for money?

Ask The BBC!    Overcrowded Britain (Unsustainable Immigration – just one more problem caused by the Satanist-Communist EU

John Tells us how he will be involved in bringing down the goverment the police and the crown and the royal family.

A Royal Commission is a body set up by the Monarch on the recommendation of the Prime Minister to gather information about the operation of existing laws or to investigate any social, educational, or other matter.

The Citizen and Crown are Corruption Control Partners.

The Citizen gets Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard.

They are Official Records that are Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for Victims. The Crown has the power to make Trial Orders and Appeal Orders for Corruption Cases against the State and Unfitness Cases against Authorities and Officers.

Corruption Case Adjudication Jurisdiction vests in Lord Bishop Juries in Parliament and Citizen Juries in the Law Courts.

Citizens obtained Corruption Proof that the Crown and Lord Bishops used for Corruption Findings and Remedy Entitlement Findings and Remedy Priority Findings and Remedy Failure Findings and Unfitness Findings against Prime Minister Mr Blair and Others.

In 2012 Parliament vested powers in a Royal Commission to manage Corruption Remedies with use of Parliament and the Cabinet as Execution Agencies.

Prime Minister Mr Cameron serviced the Remedy Process. Corrupt Officers hoped the 2015 General Election would remove him from office. It did not. They planned a Ruin Fraud against him. It needed an Innocent Agent to manage Internet Publicity, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister, a framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it, timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister with Media Hype by Media Managers and Dismissal Demands by Remedy Saboteurs in Parliament.

Everything that could go wrong for the Ruin Conspirators did go wrong. The Royal Commission prepared for the Final Squeeze Stage of the Remedy Process. A Fraud Invalidity Precedent that restated very old law that fraud invalidates all.

A Conflict Disqualification Precedent restated very old law that a Conflicted Interest is a Conflict Power Disqualification.

The restoration of Automatic Issue Rights for the Citizen was achieved by revocation of Case Approval Powers that High Court Masters used for Undocumented Issue Refusal Frauds to stop Corruption Cases.

Citizen got issue of Corruption Claims that forced Corrupt Officers to choose between making Conflict Disqualification Admissions and committing Conflict Qualification Frauds and Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds.

The Corruption Claims obtained Proof Sets of Conflict Qualification Frauds and Protection Breach Contempt Frauds against High Court Masters. They include the Strike Out Frauds by Master Kay and the Assistance Restraint Fraud and Restraint Case Reference Frauds by Senior Master Fontaine against Citizen Mr Paterson. The result was Co-ordinated Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Paterson against the High Court, Crown Court, Magistrates Court, Crown Prosecutor, Probation Service Prosecutor and Sussex Police.

The Corruption Claim of Citizen Mr Taylor to remedy Child Procurement Frauds and Paedophile Protection Frauds broke the confidence of Media Managers who were Ruin Fraud Conspirators. The National Union of Journalists renounced Remedy Defendant Status, filed a Liability Defence, got a Censorship Order against Citizen Mr Taylor and Union Members and broke the confidence of Ruin Fraud Conspirators in Parliament.

Aspirant Leaders cannot let it taint them. Parliament cannot allow it to go unpunished. The cases were managed so that Predictable Court Frauds qualified as European Referendum Election Frauds.