Ruby Akhtar a victim of child trafficking seeks funding on go fund me

We are asking for small donations for a book written by The  Author Timothy Spearman to be published and promoted so a film can be made in order for Ruby Akhtar   a victim of child trafficking to get closure and for her ordeal to end and to help others stay strong and learn from ruby’s journey.

ruby akhtar

Goodbye Ruby Akhtar
“Goodbye Ruby Akhtar” is my story. I am a victim of child trafficking. While I was born in Pakistan to a Jewish family, It was not my fate to stay in my land among my people. I was destined to become a person of the world, and as a consequence of my experiences, a world.

At the age of 12, I was married off to a 34-year- old paedophile named Andrew John Hillis, who married me under false pretences. Vowing to my family that he would see that I was given an education and prospects in his native country of Ireland, he abducted me into a life of sexual and physical abuse at his hands and the hands of his fellow paedophiles.

I was abducted to Northern Ireland, where I suffered repeated acts of sexual abuse over a three year period at the hands of the paedophile ring my husband belonged to. When I finally managed to escape confinement by jumping from the second floor of the house I was confined in – injuring my back and neck in the process – I somehow managed to hobble 20 miles to the nearest police station in the dead of winter in bare feet.

The officer in charge acted as my champion, taking me under his wing and getting my passport back for my abductor. My misfortunes don’t end there. I would later have a child, Ryan, who would suffer the same fate at the hands of my duplicitous mother, who betrayed the trust of two As hard as it is to countenance, during my short childhood, my uncle was actually having anincestuous affair with her mother, so there is a Hamletesque element to the story.

My uncle turned out to be an appalling modern day representation of King Claudius, who instead of killing my father, killed my goats, lambs, birds, and everything else I loved and cherished in a malicious attempt to tame me and force me into wedlock with my abductor. Did money exchange hands in the bargain? I am convinced to this day that that is indeed the case.

At the time, my uncle also conspires to discredit me in the eyes of my father by portraying me as a wanton girl certain to bring disgrace upon the family. My father was brainwashed by my mother and uncle into believing that the only option open to the family was to seek my banishment. Satanic ritual is another element in the sordid tale as the biography of my life reveals with painful clarity.

Later my uncle and mother forced me to marry the paedophile, Andrew Hillis, with added pressure from my father. My uncle locked me in a room till I finally gave in and capitulated in the face of psychological warfare. The paedophile I was forced to marry raped me when I was only 12. My mother, uncle and abductor beat me until I was forced to submit.

At the time I told my father, “It’s not my land, not my food, not my language. Please don’t send me away. Please give me poison instead.” But my father wouldn’t hear reason as he had been poisoned against me in a hideous Grimm’s fairy tale-like nightmare. The paedophile then abducted me and took me away to County Down, Ireland. “I’ll never see you again,” I told my parents. Of course I was naturally loath to have children with my abductor, so I asked my sister-in- law to
help me. She fixed things so I couldn’t have children during this period of my life. I attended college in Northern Ireland. She didn’t tell anyone at the time because I knew no one would believe me and would only think I was crazy if I opened my mouth.

I confided in her husband Andrew’s nephew, James, who took my side and helped me. James and I became good friends. We would often go to the beach to sail and swim together. It was James who helped me escape and to whom I credit for saving my life. I jumped out of the window when I was only 15. I can remember the lights coming on in the house. I ran barefoot over the neighbour’s fence. I must have run 15 miles to the police station in bare feet in the The police tried to cover up the matter, but a police inspector at the home office helped me. He went to Andrew’s house and got my passport after obtaining a warrant. He threatened to search the house if my abductor didn’t hand them over.

The paedophile had kept my naturalization papers from me till then, but was finally forced to hand everything over, including my passport. I later went to Northern Ireland to live.



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  1. I’m so sorry for what you had to live threw. No CHILD should ha e to endure what you did. I am scared for my 10 year old daughter. She’s in a children’s psyc hospital and when she has outbursts they hold her down and put a restraining jacket on her. She deserves to be home with her family who love her. Please read my story. I take full responsibility for my mistakes but they went bad enough to take my kids and adopt them out! Please read, sign and share my petition to help us #BringKaitlynnHome!

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