War Veterans Needed for a new weekly radio show share your experiences

Hi my name is Andy and this is a genuine request and I believe with other people that i have spoken with  war vets never get their say well on our internet station with a few hundred listeners I want to share your story and invite you on the next show ref this.
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Call me any time weekdays up until  7 pm on UK 01444 390270  you can remain anonymous and certainly we will not talk about the stuff you don’t want to talk about.
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Email ANDY freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com
You can connect with me on Skype @ Freedomtalkradio1
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I am here to help in any way shape or form to spread the word.
I feel as a normal guy researching for these up and coming shows that war veterans end up homeless or in need of proper medical care after leaving the forces or end up in a prison facility or sectioned under the mental health act.
Please come forward and help me paint the real picture.
We would love to hear from anyone in any country UK USA Australia Europe Iraq Iran Syria War Vets or serving officers your interview will be for as long as you want it there is no pressure.

One thought on “War Veterans Needed for a new weekly radio show share your experiences

  1. Hi Andy,
    The most important issue here is that of how we better lower the waiting times of treatment for ALL PTSD diagnosed patients. Remember too most speakers on this subject matter sadly are Academics. This means they may know the theory, quote the criteria from the DSM IV even the ridiculed DSM V outlining the disorder. Yet very few of these so called “Experts” whatever that title may mean? Treat patients and survivors one to one or face to face.

    They may be Psychiatrists, even Clinical Psychologists who just make the initial diagnosis, write reports, then refer on to others for assistance as below.

    Such assistance programmes are left to CPNs, nurses and counsellors. My fear is the limited knowledge or lack of such especially in abuses of children cases, even adults, may sometimes complicate their disorder if not handled sensitively and professionally.

    In the case of veterans and EMS personnel they deserve to be treated themselves by PROFESSIONALS. How many times do we hear from so called counsellors especially Hypnotherapists in their advertisements “We can cure you of PTSD”. I make this bold statement, sorry to disappoint you but you cannot!. NOT PTSD some other depressive or anxiety state you may be able to do so.

    These statements alone prove the limited knowledge they have of such disorder. How can a mother her child killed by a drunken driver forget that incident, should she be diagnosed with God Bless her PTSD.

    Are these supposed “Helpers” really helping her making such wild statements.

    May I remind such individuals who suggest, “forget about it you have to move on.” Yes assist the patient to move on after the event, but to forget it!………NEVER. The reason for my statement is the incident, driver, the drivers actions getting into the drivers seat…then to drive that vehicle for whatever reason takes the life of that child. The mother will associate the driver, location, and her treasured child all in her memory.

    To recall any one of these acts becomes a trigger recalling the incident and their child.

    So they are never likely to forget the incident, certainly not their child.

    All the statements above are intertwined with each other. What the Clinician attempts is to change perceptions, and thinking of how that individual appears stuck in a darkened and fog filled room, going around and around unable to find the handle and the door to exit and escape the situation they find themselves in.

    We as Clinicians can assist them leading them to the door, but it is they who have the choice either to turn the handle and walk away or remain trapped in the darkened and isolated room!.

    A mother will ALWAYS remember and NEVER forget it was they who gave birth to the child.

    We can enable them to live with the incident, not permit flashbacks, sounds, and visual scenes they recall entering their minds / memory unwelcomed and unexpectedly. We aim to assist patient(s) those recalled memories can only be permitted to enter their minds when they wish them too.

    Sadly to disappoint, there is NO CURE for PTSD. It is a natural emotional reaction to an unexpected event, which has overwhelmed them and not something experienced in everyday events. The only thing not natural is the incident….CAUSED by a deliberate act and irresponsible human being.

    Any person including you or I may succumb to this disorder at any time and at any place. We should assure all they are not going mad!. This is NOT a Mental illness it is a DISORDER, and may lead to a Psychological Injury an Invisible Injury.

    I state also the diagnosis for PTSD will be from a belief or judgement, which seems likely to be true. But, which is not based on any Scientific nor Physical evidence as proof. Further it is a MATTER of opinion, a matter about which people have different opinions.

    Sadly, diagnosis may have been made without any blood tests, XRays, MRI, CT not even any fMRI scans to reach an absolute or physical scientific medical diagnosis.

    This is where DANGER lurks. The question I ask, ” Who ensures that Psychiatrist(s) Psychologist(s) making these life changing decisions on others is mentally stable themselves?

    If psychiatrists are not checked as stable at any time! Why are so many of our Military Veterans serving prison terms? That decision they make to incarcerate another has devastating consequences. May this now be a question of serious mental torture and further trauma developing. Which I will title “Legal Trauma” caused by persons who should be assisting the most vulnerable not causing them more hurt, pain and distress.

    It has become disturbing of late and not helpful to those genuine survivors and patients due to many questionable legal claims emanating from unscrupulous lawyers who now title the disorder in legal circles as “compensation neurosis” and “accident neurosis”. The behaviour and motives of some of these lawyers is disgraceful and highly questionable.

    We can hope treatments and advice for patients to overcome their disorder is more prominently discussed in future, rather than the inevitable theories and diagnostic criteria such Psychiatrists / lawyers spout out from The American Psychiatric Association’s DSMs. We all know what PTSD is even laiety do!.

    My best wishes to you Andy and all the other brave people who appear on your programme discussing their personal difficulties and what they have had to encounter. Which confirms my comments and observations outlined within this response. Their comments and actions instil to all others there are many too like them suffering. A timely reminder they are not isolated and abandoned to just get on with it. My best wishes, yours sincerely,
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