The Wendy Greene Story

The Wendy Greene Story  Saturday 26TH September.

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Wendy Greene In Prison for issuing commercial liens and fighting cps for taking her children without just cause.

Wendy Ann Greene is one of America’s leaders in the fight for parents’ rights. On September 9, 2015 she was arrested and jailed without bail while representing herself in court while fighting for the return of her children by DCFS-CPS.

Wendy Greene sued DCFS and Child Protective Services in the World Court in The Hague earlier this year. Stunningly, the International Criminal Court agreed with Wendy and launched an official criminal investigation of America’s DCFS system. The last person to do that was the late Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer. The day before Schaefer was to present her evidence, she and her husband were mysteriously shot to death. Her videographer was also murdered.

There are powerful, invisible forces waging a war against America’s parents today. And the only ones defending them are fellow victimized parents like Wendy Greene. Wendy has been a dear friend to many, many of us. And a beacon of hope and strength to countless more.

We will not sit idly by while a hero of America’s parents’ rights movement sits in prison for no discernible crime. Free Wendy Greene!

Read more about Wendy Greene’s own DCFS horror story and how she fought back:

US Families call on World Court to investigate DCFS-CPS

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A Freinds Story Of Wendy Greene.


wendy 5

I have never been asked to write a story of someone so here it goes. I meet Wendy as a sophomore in high school. When I first meet her we were in a class our sophomore year and I don’t recall what class. She and I talked off and on for a few weeks. Here was this beautiful blond young lady who was talking to me full of life and energy and had a spark about her where nothing would seem impossible for her to accomplish. Know I have never been good at talking to girls especially one that was so full of life and so pure so for me to get to know her better I lied and told her I had an interest in her friend and wanted to get to know her better but didn’t know how but could you help me. As we continued to talk I was knew the feelings I was having for Wendy was getting stronger and stronger to where I had to stop the game I was playing and come out and tell her the truth.

wendy greene


wendy 4

I remember when I asked her for her number and ended up calling her to ask her out for the first time. I remembering calling her being so scared to tell her my real interest was her and wanted to date her. When the time came I did and I know I choked on my words but was able to get it out to her and she said yes. I remember hanging up and felt such a relief in her saying yes and it was like the night before Christmas and can’t wait for the day to come. Wendy told me her reaction was after we hung up she started to yell and scream and couldn’t believe the captain of the varsity football team has just asked her out. I remember going over to her house for the first time I was so nervous and sweating because here I was going to go out with this beautiful lady and still couldn’t believe she said yes. I can’t remember where we went but I was on cloud nine knowing she was with me.

During our years together we were always side by as we went through high school. She did things like cross country and track. I did my thing from football, basketball and baseball. We went to all the school events together while we were a couple and I couldn’t believe how much more beautiful she got every time we had a school event as well she continued to show her love and care for people in helping out where she could. We took trips together to Vegas and she even got me to go skiing for the very first time. It was a lot of fun. It was on our way home from the trip I called to check in at home when I got the news of a friend that had passed away. I came back in and Wendy told me what was wrong I looked like I saw a ghost and I told her what happened to our friend and she broke down. It was a very sad ride home and she spent more time consoling me when she knew her better and even played basketball together. It was during this time I actually thought this was the women I could spend the rest of my life with her. This is a person who loves life and had the world at her hands and was caring and thoughtful for people and I wanted to be a part of it. During our time together I never saw an evil or physical side of her or anything that showed me she was an evil person but I saw nothing but love and doing whatever she could do to help others.


You know they say that there is something about your first love your first everything and Wendy was that for me she was my light and love. But with all good things there comes an end to it and that’s what happened. Shortly after we graduated high school we went our separate ways. After that I lost track of Wendy for some times. It wasn’t till Facebook came out that we were able to reconnect and met up. We meet up at a restaurant and saw each other for the first time in like 10 plus years. We both were married and had kids. She actually brought her youngest with her at the time when we meet. We talked for a few hours telling each other what was going on with each other and what has happened to us over these years and she seemed the same happy person I knew and could tell how she was with her child she was a very good mom. I looked at her and watched her and you could tell that she had nothing but love and care for her child.


I always knew that she would be a wonderful mother and by her action’s I saw she was. After seeing her we didn’t talk or see each other very much until a few years ago when we got back into touch with each other. It was during this time she started to tell me how bad her marriage was and the abuse she was sustaining from her husband. But she said she was staying because that was her husband and she wanted her family to be together and stay together no matter what the cost. She fought hard in doing what she thought she had to do to keep her family together even though she was being abused by her husband even while she was pregnant. Well it was during this time something occurred that CPS was called and the boys were taken forcefully from her literally when they came in they ripped Wendy out of bed and tore her rotator cuff in the meantime as she told me. It was during this time Wendy and I began to speak again and she started to tell me the hell of a life she has been going through since we last talked.

wendy 7


She told me more about what her husband did to her as well what she was being charged with. I really couldn’t believe this because her was my first love my first everything hurting and I couldn’t help her or didn’t know how to. We stayed in contact to the point when I found out she was living on the street and no one was there to help. I was so worried about her and wanted to help her but didn’t have the means to do so but like she always does she keeps the faith and know God has her. She spent like 9 months living on the street before she got help from her family. Wendy and I continued to talk and started to hang out together when she started telling me of the issues that are going on with our justice system and the fight she has been in for the past 18 months in trying to get her boys back out of the system. She told me how she had tried to do it the way the system wanted but wasn’t getting her anywhere. That’s when she started to look at the laws for herself and realized that what was going on with her case was wrong and that’s where she started to defend herself. During this time I have been in school and she offered and did edit my school papers because with my learning issues I know that without her help I wouldn’t have done as well as I have. But here’s my point with all that she is going through she puts her things on hold to help me and my school work. As Wendy and I continued to talk and hang out I found myself noticing a change in her on how much compassion she had for the subject and wanted me to get a better understanding witch at first I was very hesitant to do so because what she was telling me I couldn’t just comprehend what she was telling me was going on.


wendy 3


I think it was during this time she started to feel I was abended her and didn’t believe her. I think with my attitude and vocabulary I was using wasn’t helping her. That’s when I started to look at some of these things for myself and realized that what Wendy has been telling me all this time was true. There are some real big issues that are going on with CPS and that someone needs to look into the stories that have happened to these kids that have been in the system. What happened to Wendy a week ago was a set up by the judge. She was able to speak a total of 4 sentences before the judge ordered her into custody and a physic evaluation to see if she understood the law. The judge and DA we said to be laughing about the whole situation as she was being taken out of court. This judge could have handle it a lot different and told her that these documents don’t apply or if he thought she needed an evaluation he could have said you need to get an appointment or you can go to jail. Looking at some cases in where people represented themselves most judges took the time to help and made sure that the person understood but this guy didn’t he used a loop whole to have her locked looking at the case I ask why the criminal charge wasn’t applied when this first happened but added after the matter. I think this whole thing was a set up to quiet her because she was getting to the bottom of this and was getting some answers and these people this judge and DA who’s pockets there in are getting worried about the noise Wendy was making.

wendy 2

I have known this woman for over 20 years and have never seen any type of anger or any kind of physical action by her but I seen nothing but love and compassion and the willing to help others. I have read lots of message of outrage and hurt by people around the world about her being put in prison. I have loved this woman for 20 years and I always will and will do whatever I can do to help her get out of prison and get her boys back. I have been helping spread the word of her story out and have gotten a lot of positive responses from the social on the information I have been sending out. It has been during this time I have realized two things, The first thing is I found myself falling in love with her all over again for all the same reason’s before but my other thing I realized I may have blown any second chances I may have had with her because I didn’t believe her when this first started telling me everything and I will always regret that if it does happen.


ftr 7


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  1. crying tears and sympathy is not going to get children back tobtheir precious parents iys advocating the death penalty and upholding the constitution thats what will get these children nack tobtheir himes so ive decided to run for president and if people are on board and ready ro prosecute then we will if your righys were viilated and above and beyond all if your childs righys were viilated thwres a law 18 usc 241 and 18 usc 242 wgich carries the desth penalty when a person vuolates a person of their constitutional righta and includes the crime of kidnapping can be sentenced to death to set an example out of these lawbreakers and law defyers who took their oath to protect us and pledged allegiance to the flag and chise to go against ut to violate rughys of the people theres a pruce to pay the law says to take a person without legal excuse constitutes kidnapping well folks wake up time to uphold the law , voye for brenda justice ffor president u can statrt by emIling or texting me with your signatures and helpe creats my petition for signatures time for those to be held accountable ,

    1. the righys that cps viilate the laws that cps violatee under the laws of 18 usc 241 and 242 includingvthe crime of kidnapping carrie a death penalty free out american children free wendy greene voye brenfa justive for president get back your liberty 3472397321

    2. Detective lavis kidnaps hitlier justice in CP’s rubber stping scheme mother testifies child is returned toother retaliation Michigan retaliates gimst mother who testifies agumst CP’s unvlid fraudulent removal order used to kidnap her child without. Warrant lumciln park police James h lumciln in vuilatuin of rubber stamping child removal orders never signed by. a judge court stuff and CP’s using fraudulent removal orders never signed by judge mother MD dughtet fear for their life as sin and brother forced in flint foster care to drink cintminates water in retaliation gunst mother who filed lawsit Susan taweel asst prosecutor used fraudulent document vote foelr brend kustice amadinna. Presidential electuin vote for Brenda justice a death penalty activist for peiolae who kidnap children Susan taweel used fraud to kidnap hitlier justice ausn Erwin foster cre worker holding child hostage subjecting him to be abused of rights no warrant constitutional rights Lindbergh law cross state lines out of NY stateichigam CP’s ACS kidnaps child cross state lines mother and daughter sister of brother who was kidnp frlear for their lives as courts hide the kidnapping by not serving defendants see evidence of fraud 2012 NY 081267anhattan criminal Court u sarsh used aggadavit never signed by a judhe to. Violate fourth endment unlawful search seizure falsely imp Greg holme kidnal

  2. is wendy grene still being held hostage cause she stood up for her righys vote for brrnda justice 3472396321

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