The Patrick Coyle Story Alledged Collusion Corruption By Public Servants in Northern Ireland

The Patrick Coyle Story Alledged  Collusion Corruption By Public Servants in Northern Ireland

The Freedom and Liberation from the bluestone ward in Craigavon a southern trust hospital.

The Bluestone Unit at Craigavon Hospital.
The Bluestone Unit at Craigavon Hospital.

A Dads Nightmare has ended now the commercial liens and the return of the children and clearing his name and punishing those who have lied which range from the gp the arresting police officer the hospital doctors and the social workers now they have egg on their face who will whistleblow first and the rest pay the price for the fraud and kidnap.


The Full Story Of Patrick Coyles Nightmare and his Freedom.

A GP, Dr Peter Sabherwal, Campbell surgery, has been caught red-handed, threatening a dad of four kids, Patrick Coyle, to hand over his kids to social services or be sectioned under the Mental health Act in a tape recording that has gone viral.

The GP has persisted in carrying out his threat and admitted Patrick to a mental health hospital despite being sacked by his patient for trafficking patients and their children into mental health institutions and Foster care.
In a shocking conversation during a private consultation, the GP threatens the dad in front of his 7 year old that his mental health is questionable because he refused to engage in the kidnap attempts by social workers.


Hours later, Patrick was kidnapped by Police and social workers, David Gervin & Lisa Gervin,Bronagh Mcclosky Manager of social services acting on secret information without any warrant, incident or cause, and without any previous issues or dealings with his family or 4 children. The documents alleged to be from a Judge Meehan were not properly signed or sealed or from a due process being followed and without giving any notice to the Coyle family.
Patricks’ 7 year old son who was with him, and his 13 year old son who was staying with a friend, was hunted down by Police like a criminal, from a field where he was hiding from his kidnappers.

20 Police officers and 15 Police cars from Dungannon Police station surrounded his bungalow at 80 Shanmaghery Road Pomeroy BT70 2TT 6EA





Full story and all audio recordings.






Dr Peter Sabherwal The Gp Talking to patrick and the transcript.




Patrick Coyle with 7 year old son Rory at Campbell Surgery Dungannon Northern Ireland with Dr Peter Sabherwal, on telephone with social worker David Gervin & the Mental Health team

 Tuesday 22 July in the afternoon – referring to the Notice before Commercial Lien letter dated 20 july or so

Patrick Doctor can you release any information

GP: Not allowed to

Patrick Thats good dr

GP: But but

Patrick That there doctor is a lawful document because what I’m doing dr I am trying to get my children home because between me and you confidential, there/s an 84 page letter at my house, right, I’m not that good a reader you know

GP: Who’s your solicitor

Patrick I haven’t got a solicitor, I was going to see a solicitor yesterday

GP: Last week you told me you’re going to Omagh to see a solicitor yesterday, who is your solicitor

Patrick I just went to get my documents signed here, I have no solicitors involved in this here

GP: Who wrote that document

Patrick I done it

GP: They are now questioning your mental health

Patrick I know they are questioning my mental health,

GP: Why

Patrick I’ll tell you why, right, there’s an 84 page document in my house right, there’s no authority to section me under mental health anywhere

GP: Stop right there, they do have a question to question your mental health, thats why, because you are in charge of two children, so

Patrick Its their only way of them getting them children off of me, they’re using the children as a bargaining tool

GP: No

Patrick Let me speak dr

GP: No they are not, you go ahead, you go ahead and speak

Patrick Dr there’s an 84 page document in my house right

GP: mm

Patrick and in every page, there’s not one good thing on there about me, not one good thing

GP: where did the document come from

Patrick There’s details from this surgery, from the school,

GP: what does the surgery say

Patrick You shouldn’t even mention that no further attendance whatever you know, you shouldn’t have got that information

GP: Say that again, what do you mean no further attendance

Patrick They were here and

GP: aye aye

Patrick The problem is dr you know

GP: Where did this 84 page document come from

Patrick It came from the social workers

GP: and in it are they saying that they have concerns

Patrick they are, let me speak dr

GP: you speak all you want

Patrick I’m not good at explaining things right, but they have a preamble set out, that they are gonna take the two children right off of me right, I have to do as I’m told right, right, now, my wife left me dr, right, right, nobody has questioned her mental health right, my wife has stated things in the documents which are totally false, she’s rumoured at the youngsters to say what she wants them to say, right, now the point I’m putting to you dr is that my woman, my wife, she’s a good woman, I’m not gonna lie here, but when she’s at the house she didn’t do nothing, she spent money, she hid money, she returned children’s toys, she returned children’s clothes to get money, she has an addiction against money, she took money out of my bank account and I never said nothing

GP: You told me all this

Patrick Right

GP: You said all this I know all this

Patrick you know all this and she done things that I was never aware of till late, right, the problem is here right, if you had £20 in your pocket, she’ll look to take that off you and I would tell this here, before she left she thought she was pregnant, right, she was sure she was pregnant and she didn’t want nothing from me right and when she found out from her new doctor she wasn’t pregnant, right, she fell into her old ways, lying in bed, locking her room, the youngsters weren’t getting fed, there was no money in the house, she spent £2000 in a month on I don’t know what

GP: What is she living on now?

Patrick he’s living on a lot less than she was now, she’s bipolar symptoms, right, dr when she was living in the house, she dug herself in a big big deep hole

GP: Patrick can I ask something

Patrick aha

GP: I’m not trying to be rude, but you’ve told me all of this

Patrick right right

GP: You told me this 3 times, I’ve heard all about how she spends money, how she lies in the couch, how she doesn’t feed the children and how she spends money, anytime she gets money, she just spends it, she doesn’t keep it, she gets money off you, she just blows it and there’s no money in the house and you’re left in debt and everything else OK? so You’ve told me this, 3 times

P what I will say to you is that she has a child called Aobhaenn Right, her daughter age 14 right, I’d come home many an evening right and I would say to her, why is your mummy lying in bed, why is there no dinner in the house

GP: You told me all this

Patrick Oh I told you this, when her money came, she jumped in the car and ran off, I have a letter, stating, from her doctor, saying that she’s a happy gigl, she sees no problems right, thats Dr Sands right, she sees no problem, she’s never been assessed,

GP: You’ve told me that

P I told you that?

GP: You told me that last time, you were in you told me that last time

P You probably read that in the letter

GP: You told me she’s gone to James Sands, she’s not been assessed, you told me

Patrick right she’ll be in a happy mood for a month, when we were buying a car

GP: You told me that, can I tell you the last time, you’re missing the point, they are not interested in what Tracy does, what you do, they are worried about the children, they are not interested ok

Patrick I’m glad you said that

GP: Thats the only thing they are interested in. If they can’t see the children they are worried.  Now when you produce a document like this ok and you read the document and when I read the document and if you show this to a solicitor, the solicitor will wonder, where did this come from

[7 year old goes into shock at the mention of the solicitor working with social workers for the children)

GP: Can I get you a drink, a biscuit, the girls are nice, they are trustworthy the problem is when they receive this letter, first of all you didn’t attend the case conference, and the case conference wasn’t about you, the case conference was about the children, they just want to know are the children safe, you didn;t go to the case conference, second thing is they went up to the house and you wouldn’t let them see them because they were in bed.  I rang them back again and I told them after I spoke to you tat Patrick is now in agreement for you to see them, so they’ve been back up again twice and they are saying both times you refused to see them

Patrick I’ll tell you what happened the second time, I didn’t refuse to see them right, I asked for their documents right

GP: You don’t need to see them

Patrick I asked for the paperwork and report to give to me if there isn’t an issue with my children as far as I can see

GP: They don’t need Patrick to give you

Patrick a document

GP: no, listen a social worker can call to my house and want to see my children and I can’t stop them because all they’ll do next is go to court and get a court order to do it and then the court judge will say has this man got something to hide

Patrick I’ve got nothing to hide

GP: That’s the way they’re perceiving it

Patrick I’m glad now you’re saying that to me when my wife

GP: Shall I get the social worker on the phone

Patrick wait till you hear this doctor, when my wife was in my house, right there wasn’t food in the house, just listen to me

GP: You’ve told me all of this

Patrick see now if you asked me to give you a loan of £100 I could give it to you

GP: Patrick, all you listen to me, its not me you need to tell this to, its the social worker you need to tell this to, the social worker wants to know this, all he wants to know the only thing he is interested in is one thing, OK,

Patrick you can tell him from me dr, I don’t want social workers in my house right

GP: right, I’ll just tell you something, the next thing is you don’t want them

Patrick right, they do nothing but wreck a house I’ve seen this myself

GP: They are not going to unless you, listen all I can do as a friend is to give you my best advice

Patrick I appreciate that

GP: and you’re saying you don’t want them

Patrick I don’t want them

GP: The next thing is then, they’re saying when they looked at this letter OK that they showed it to their superiors and their superiors feel that you need a mental health assessment because they feel that you are, that there’s a mental health issue going on here

Patrick Thats right, I knew this was going to happen

GP: so I have an obligation now to get a mental health assessment done today on you to check that you are mentally aware and cognitively aware and that you’re fine

Patrick and what do you think dr yourself after talking to me

GP: What I think, when I read this letter, when I read this letter OK I queried it

Patrick Thats a legal document

GP: It may be a legal document

Patrick Its a lawful document

GP: It may be a lawful document

Patrick Its a very very heavy document

GP: It doesn’t carry any justice, it doesn’t carry any justice in terms of court

Patrick it doesn’t?

GP: yes so they’re basically in the process, OK, of saying that they want me to get a social worker, can I say something to you, you’re playing right into your wife’s hands, if there is a way to play into wife’s hands, ok and let her win, you’re doing exactly what you’re doing, you’re going down the wrong road .  If you were my best friend and I treat you like a friend

Patrick yeh I do respect that

GP: I know you’re doing exactly the wrong thing, I’ve been doing this job for 20 years and they have powers that you do not understand, they’ll just get into court, and get a court summons, they have a total right to come into your home and do what they want to do because social services have powers beyond you. If they show this to the court, the judge will look at it and he will say what is going on with this guy here ok but if you’re not prepared I was going to give you

Patrick How long have I got

GP: I was basically going to get the social worker on the phone for you if you could talk to him now David Gervin so if you could organise a time to see him

Patrick How long I have been doctor here, everyone is jumping in

GP: No I’m not jumping in

Patrick I’m saying you’re jumping in on it because you see that document there, right here, they know what the context of that document is right

GP: Yeh

Patrick They know how powerful that document is

GP: It doesn’t carry any weight Patrick

Patrick wait till I tell you, it does carry weight, thats not the first time I signed that document I’ve done several of them documents

GP: Can I say something

Patrick they carry a lot of weight

GP: In a court of law when it comes to the children, it doesn’t carry any weight, I can tell you now it doesn’t, I’m warning you now, I’m doing this as a friend, I’m warning you that when it comes to court and you don’t need to be at court, and they proceed with the court ok without you there, you don’t need to be there, they’ll just carry that they’ll put that to one side, these guys go ahead and do what they are going to do, so I’m trying to do whats right by you and your children, you’re making barriers just for me that I can’t break for you.  I’ll ask one more time.  I’m happy to ring David Gervin in front of you

Patrick Give me one more day

GP: No Listen No one more day, I’ve done this for you, and I’ve set them up and you’ve turned around, and the amount of time that I’ve spent on you on this ok is more then what any friend would do for somebody, a GP would do, I’m doing this as a friend, not as your GP, the amount of effort, the amount of phone calls I’ve doe for you saying “Give this man a chance, give him a chance, I’ll talk to him, ok, let me talk to him” “OK Dr Peter, we’ll give you one more chance”

Patrick So who is ringing you doctor

GP: Social services

Patrick Which one of them?

GP: David Gervin

Patrick David Gervin has been ringing you

GP: He’s been on the phone, I don’t know how many times,

Patrick why is he putting pressure on you doctor

GP: Because I have a duty of care to your children, and he’s saying to me, “Does Patrick Coyle have a mental illness”

Patrick Well have I a mental illness previous to this have I?

GP: Well do you know something, when you produce a document like this, and you don’t let them into the house, and you don’t let them in, if I was sitting at home and a social worker called and I turned them away, alright, and say “You’re not allowed to come into my house and I give them this letter OK

Patrick Thats a heavy letter

GP: OK  and I don’t let them into the house, they have every right to question my mental illness, my mental stability and then I would expect next thing, a court order to come into my house. I would expect somebody to serve me with a court order, so don’t think you’re unique,

Patrick I’m not unique

GP: Now, there’s two choices we have today and I’m gonna ask you

Patrick Whats that letter at the bottom there

GP: Thats what you gave them, so I’ll ask you one more time again, you’ve got 2 choices

Patrick You’re fairly annoyed at me, you got a gun pointing at my head

GP: I’m trying to help you here

Patrick You’re saying you’ll help me right

GP: But you’re not giving me any choice, right, you’re putting me in a position, you’re not giving me, you’re actually putting me in the corner and saying to me, “Dr Peter I’m not going to let the social worker in” You think this letter is going to stop them, no its not, they’ve looked at it and they’ve said, “This letter carries no credence”.  They’ve been to the lawyers, they’ve shown it this instance and this letter can’t stop it

Patrick Tell me who dr,  you get me documentation from their papers dr

GP: I’m not getting involved in that, I’m not duty bound to do any of that, I’m not getting involved, there’s only so much I can do but

Patrick Can they actually rebut that?

GP: can they rebut that? Oh they’ll rebut it easily, I’ve spent long enough on this, but I’m not going to do your dirty work for you, but I warn you, you have two choices, you just have to make your decision, you clearly know the facts, you clearly know the issue, 1. do you want me to contact David Gervin and tell them you want them to see your children and that they are safe, they can’t lift those children if they know the children are safe

Patrick But in their preamble doctor, in their preamble, they are lifting the children

GP: Yeh, because you didn’t give them a choice

Patrick No doctor, this preamble was written three weeks ago

GP: OK, so the next thing is then do you want, so they are saying they are going to lift the children

Patrick Thats what I was talking to you the whole 84 pages is bias and they don’t know me,

GP: Hold on

Patrick They don’t know me, they don’t know me as a person, they never sat down and talked to me

GP: Because you don’t let them

Patrick I “don’t let them”This was written before

GP: You don’t let them

Patrick But I have a letter from the social worker that they are not taking no further action and now this has come out of nowhere

GP: because of what happened!

Patrick Because of what happened?

GP:  [on the phone] “Hello, can I speak to David Gervin please, Dr David” You can rectify this very quickly, if you want, or you can make it worse, its up to you, I’m just going to speak to

[through the telephone “Hi doctor, how are you”]

GP: I’ve got Patrick Coyle in front of me here ok? Can I ask you something? If Patrick played ball and allowed you to sit and talk to him face to face and see the children, how much would that be of benefit to his case?

D [it would be very helpful to his case

GP: ok

GP: on phone [Ok Can you just say that to him for me can you just say to him what you said to me ok],

GP: to Patrick [Just listen to what he says to you]

Patrick on phone [Hello its David Gervin what is important here is we get to see the children to see how they’re doing..child protection your family],

Patrick So you want to support my family then?

GP: David is not out to cause you any harm

Patrick What support is there what support are you gonna give me

D We are going to give you child protection

Patrick I was looking through a preamble and it says on there that I have to go anger management whats all that about

D Its an opportunity to go through some of the concerns that have been raised by your wife

Patrick What evidence have you had David, because I wrote you a letter about my wife and there doesn’t seem to be any action taken against that you know

D We can’t even get your side of the story, Judge Meehan

GP: They don’t know

Patrick I have a letter, you have been there

GP: These people have never seen your children, its there duty to look after your children’s well being, so as far as they know they are going in with not a tainted picture, they need to go in and assess them and see that they’re looked after, they can’t take the word of me, they can’t take the word of anybody, but you just have to co-operate – the word is work with them Ok and Patrick I spent ages on this telling you the same thing ok they are not against you, they are working with you

Patrick Read the pre-amble

GP: No look, this is what I’m saying, forget about the pre-amble, they can only add to your case, they can’t take away from your case, they can only give you extra support, they can’t take away from you. Now I’m gonna put you back on the phone again and then I need you to talk to David ok and you need to listen to what he says, ok, they are there not to cause you any harm, if you think about it, they have a duty of care.  If the same thing happened to my family, the same process would take place what’s happening now, and if I turned them away, I would expect them to e concerned because if they haven’t seen the children, they don’t know, do you understand? If they can’t make an assessment,

Patrick why are they going to make an assessment

GP: Because that’s their job, their job is to have to

Patrick I’m not paranoid or anything, I’ve never had an assessment before

GP: But they will do the simple thing with your wife, they will do the mental health assessment of the wife’s children as well

Patrick The wife has to return the children, it clearly states that in the case in law, by a lawyer, it clearly states that Mrs Coyle is in desertion, I seek the remedy for this for the children to be returned to their family home lawfully

GP: Hold on a second Patrick

Patrick The mother She’s abandoned her position

GP: To David “Have you assessed the wife and the children” exactly, so they have, your wife and her children have been assessed and they have been put on the child protection register

GP: on phone “Can you disclose David?, so all the children are on the child protection because of the emotional abuse between the husband and wife, so if you’re talking about them pin-pointing their finger at you

Patrick How do you come to that conclusion?

GP: Because of what’s going on at the moment

Patrick Whats going on at the moment

GP: Patrick if you don’t allow the social worker to come in and assess the needs of the children, now do you want talk to david or do you want to terminate the conversation at this point because I’m giving you ample and david knows I’m giving you as widea scope as possible to deal with them I’ve tried very hard, now if you don’t its up to you, but you know the facts, they are not there to harm, I can  promise you, take my word, you’ve known me for a long time, I can promise you that David is not there to cause you any harm.  Do you want to talk to him and organise a time to meet with them or do you not want to

Patrick I’ll ring them later on myself

GP: No, it doesn’t work like that

Patrick No disrespect, I appreciate what you are doing right

GP: Do I assume then that you don’t want to talk to him

Patrick No, if you assume, you taking on your own opinion

GP: Unfortunately, I’m now going to go down the route of Home Crisis Team management to do a mental health assessment on you, so where will you be this afternoon because they will call up at the house, and they are forced to do a mental health assessment.  You put me in a position I have no choice

GP: I have the welfare of the children to put at risk and you don’t realise that you’re putting me right in a corner and you’re making life a lot worse for you.  Whether you believe it or not

Patrick I need to go to the toilet,

GP: Just in there

Patrick I’ll be down here in two seconds PATRICK GOES TO HIS CAR, GP FOLLOWS HIM

GP: ok two seconds ..they’ll be at your house

Patrick How is that a mental health

GP: Because that letter doesn’t make sense and then they’ll section you

Patrick For what? For having that letter

GP: Yes the social worker has enough grounds and there’s enough grounds clearly things aren’t right so you can either go if your want to go

Patrick You think things are not right do you

GP: You’re putting me, I keep telling you, you’re putting me in a position that I have no choice.  If you would listen to what I was saying, it wouldn’t be a problem, if you’re not listening, you want to do your own thing, so if you want to go, you go and the Police will be out and the social worker will be out and you’ll be in St Lukes [mental health unit] ETU in hours by tonight and kept and the kids will be taken off you. Thats the way it is, I can’t force you, but thats what’s gonna happen.  Thats what they’re saying on the phone to me.

GP: I don’t want rory to hear the conversation

GP: Hello, He’s with me at the moment, he’d prefer to wait and see you here 45 mins

Patrick No no I need to talk to him

GP: 45 min no problem

Patrick Can I speak to him please

GP: This is the mental health you’re talking to, not the social worker

Patrick You contacted the mental health have you

GP: I told you I had no choice but had to, there’s two children, how old are your children Patrick, your boys

Patrick 13 & 7

Rory 7 yr old – Are they gonna take me off you?

GP: OK no problem up in Campbell surgery

Patrick So what are you saying dr you contacted them I was going to talk to david myself

GP: were you? “I’m going to ring him tomorrow you said” thats what you said

Patrick My lad’s away, put David on there

GP: see now you’re willing to talk

Patrick Put david on there

GP: see now you’re willing to talk

Patrick you know mental health is not my choice

GP: I am entitled to  I have a duty of care, you made me really cross, you don’t listen, I’ve tried to helPatrick you

Patrick We’re going – dr I don’t want your dirty business,


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