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Justice for Craig Cantwell.

Listen to the real evidence the liveroool crown court didnt want you to hear the missing evidence and the facts in this unfair case.

A Innocent Vunerable Adult imprisoned for 9 years.
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Too often vulnerable adults are in our community are harmed. They have little or no voice either. Not long ago if you approached social services telling them someone was being harmed by a carer or member of their own family they would not listen. So many vulnerable adults have been harmed that they can longer look the other way. However its STILL happening. We want to change that forever. Craig has been in care from the age of 8. He has been systematically abused, mentally, physically, even sexually. Now as an adult its still happening, one carer even took him home with her, had sex with him, then ran him back to his own residence afterwards phoning the police to say she had been raped by him. The story doesn’t end there…it gets worse..It needs to be stopped. The people that prey on vulnerable adults are still out there, next time it might be someone you are close to. Most of the time where abuse takes place it is where sole carers are able to exploit the fact that there are no witnesses. We want to campaign to get Care Service Providers to require a minimum of two staff during night times. This protects BOTH the staff AND the person(s) being cared for. If you agree that vulnerable adults need protection please sign our petition, lets make this mandatory LAW. (Craig’s Law) Thank you

1/. Craig Noel Cantwell born in 1984
2/. As a baby he was very quiet.
3/. At one year old his mother suspected he had problems
4/. She saw Dr’s although they were not concerned.
5/. Aged 2 he was taken to Dr with a swollen face, Dr Still not concerned
6/. Approximate age 5 and hardly speaking he was taken to a specialist hospital Unit and then fitted with grommets as they found he was hard of hearing
7/. Hard for his mother to handle.
8/. Sent to Thornfield School for special needs. Craig was segregated there from all other children and put in a room alone. Moira Atkinson who was an educational welfare officer contacted his mother telling her that the school was not suitable nor equipped to deal with Craig’s needs.
9/. Aged 8, he started attending various boarding schools. His mother was unable to give him the amount of care at home and only highly specialist schools were suitable for his needs.
10/. Problems at many of the schools. For example Didsbury.
11/. Whilst at Crowthorne school Craig kicked in the groin and pushed down stairs for wanting to use the toilet at night. Bruising to groin area seen by mother. Craig not returned to this establishment. Mother reported it to social services. Told that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Another school in North Wales Craig locked in a suitcase and placed into bath of water. There are MANY other times whereby Craig has been mistreated, I will get each and every account put together but for now these are among the most serious.
12/. Craig turns 18. Brian lees had been involved with his sister for some time and had met Craig on a few occasions. Social worker Mark Gledhill informed Craig and his mother that the funding was different now he was classed as an adult.
13/. Hours reduced from 24/7 to around 12 hours a day almost overnight, then over next few weeks to lower to around 8 hours a day, Craig was very uptight about this, the change was too much and too fast for him to cope with. We warned his social worker mark Gledhill about this.
14/. Craig complaining about some of the staff stealing from him, and one in particular “Ben” who was telling him he could be TUPAC SHAKUR, not that he could sing like him but he really could be him. This same carer went on to move objects around the flat for example whilst Craig was showering he would move his rings or mobile phone. He tried to make Craig eat a chicken breast that was only cooked for less than a couple of minutes a side. He also was giving Craig white powder to rub on his gums suspected to be amphetamine or cocaine by his social worker. Still no action taken against Ben, and instead of stopping or reducing his hours with Craig, the hours with Ben were actually increased so that he was spending almost every day with him. Craig telling his mother and Brian Lees about the problems, he looked very ill, serious weight loss, took to wearing a coat day and night, not washing, smelling bad, not keeping flat tidy.
Social worker still would not do anything; I rang Gledhill’s line manager who assured me she would look into it. Again no action. Craig then smashed up his own goods, police called and he was arrested and charged with property damage even though it was his. Approx a week later he totally smashed up the flat, ripped boiler off wall so was water everywhere, smashed windows.
Police called, Craig again arrested. Taken to Stepping Hill hospital for psychiatric assessment. Whilst there again kept trying to tell staff of all the abuse he had suffered. Staff ignored him. He became angry again,
smashed window. Staff claimed he had a knife. Knife was described as a diver’s knife, sheath knife then pen knife, but no knife was ever found however. If he did have a knife it could only have been a plastic one. In order to get police response there has to be sufficient peril involved which often leads to caller exaggeration. Indeed many times when Craig’s mother has rang the social services emergency help line she has been told to “say that Craig has hit you, and smashed up your house, or the police won’t attend”
15/. At court with social worker Mark Gledhill. I was telling him that he should have listened to Craig before everything got so bad. Mark Gledhill then threw Craig’s file at me telling me to “fucking see if you can do any better then” and stormed off. The file struck me and spread all over the floor of the court waiting room. Diane and I stooped down to pick up the papers. The first one I picked up had my wife’s name on it. It said that Craig had raped her. I showed Diane and she was clearly shocked, this had not happened. We looked at other papers and found more. It was alleged that Craig had beaten one of his sisters and also his mother with a baseball bat, hit his father with a cup causing him 14 stitches in the head, following which his father had died, implying a link, it went on to say he had attacked staff with an axe, also injured members of the public, thrown bricks at cars and threatened to rape a boy(again this refers to Didsbury school where in fact it was Craig that was the victim). We were horrified at what we were reading, his mother informed me that he had thrown a cup at his father and the cup hit the wall near him splintering a piece had come off and causing a superficial cut to his fathers head. Everything else was made up bar for an incident involving his father and an axe, but that in no way involved Craig so should not have been on his file.
We went to court that day and I stood up and informed the court that Craig had been mentally abused by a carer; the judge listened and was sympathetic. Ultimately after a few months we got him into Caulderstone medium security unit at Darwen. Craig was in a very sorry state when he got there hallucinating, hearing voices, thinking he was TUPAC, seeing his dead father and so on..
We complained to social services, they refused to remove the false allegations on his file. Mark Gledhill was sent for re training. We warned them at the time that the misinformation on his file was dangerous and could influence future court proceedings. Social services eventually agreed to put on file that these allegations were denied by family but this was placed at the END of the file where no one would look. We were not listened to.
At the same time we sought legal advice about the care received by Craig from Advance Childcare. A solicitor took on the case and soon ourselves and Craig had seen a barrister. The barrister having looked at the case felt we could go to court, however, social worker Elizabeth Greenaway voiced that in her professional opinion Craig would not be able to tolerate the pressure put on him in court. Reluctantly his mother put it to Craig and he eventually opted to drop the case. In hind sight this was clearly a poor choice.
16/. Craig was kept at Caulderstones’ for five years. The staff were generally excellent with him and they had very few problems with him. We regularly went to see him and eventually took him out of the grounds for an hour or so. We had him brought during this time to Brian and emmas home so that he could attend a Christening of three of our children which is the photo you have.
17/. Caulderstone’s felt he was ready to leave. They called a large meeting, in the room there must have been over 20 people involved including ourselves. It was agreed that following Craig’s allegations that there would need to be safeguarding in place and that it was critical that social services placed him in a home that really was SUITABLE for his needs this time. Elizabeth Greenaway agreed and had already been looking for suitable care service providers. In fairness to her, it was quite a tall order given his complex needs. She applied to a panel and they agreed to provide the funding for a home at Salford Seedley Park rd run by Potens care service provider. Craig was taken to look at it and seemed happy enough and so he moved in following assurances from Potens that they were highly qualified staff. Within a month there was a problem. All the residents had safes in their rooms; the med’s for each patient was held in their own safe. One of the safes had been left open and the drugs had been left on the table in the communal room. Craig had seen these tablets and taken some. He was taken to the hospital by Kevin the manager and then left there. Police called at his mother’s home asking where Craig lived. His mother told them he didn’t live with her and they rang Seedley Park road and gave the manager a mouthful.
18/. At the same home, Rebecca (carer) asked Craig if he wanted to go for a ride, when he asked why, she told him she needed her phone adapter from her own flat.
Craig then rang his mother and told her he was going out with Rebecca for a ride.
At the flat Craig was sat on the arm of the chair, Rebecca asked him if he wanted a drink, he said yes, and then Rebecca started touching him on top of his trousers. She asked him if he wanted sex, but it would have to be a secret, she went on to say when your with me I will treat you as a normal person. She grabbed hold of him and pulled him on top of her. They then started having sexual intercourse. Whilst this was happening his mother rang his mobile. He answered but was unsure what to say at first. His mother asked where he was. Craig said he would ring her back as soon as he got home and tell her all about it. Craig rang again eventually and his mother could hear screaming in the background. She asked what was going on. He told her that he had been having sex with Rebecca when his mum had rang; Rebecca was very worried and told him he couldn’t say anything. She had run him back in her car and after they got into the care home started screaming rape. Police were called Craig arrested and held for the rest of the day. Forensics was involved and Craig was eventually released but not allowed to return to his home of Seedley Park. He was bailed to Stepping hill hospital again.
After a few days at Stepping Hill Potens care service provider informed us that they had another property in the Wirral that would take Craig temporarily while the police investigated whether a crime had been committed against Rebecca. Both social worker Elizabeth Greenaway and the manager from the new house Nigel assured ourselves and Craig that there would be safeguarding in place to protect him against false allegations in future. We felt better about that.
19/. Nigel drove Craig to 40 Ayr Park rd in the Wirral. Again for a short while everything seemed ok, Craig was happy and content. Then there was an incident. Nigel had taken Craig out to the pub (Craig had no money sorted out yet as his claim through long term sickness benefit had not been transferred to the Wirral. Craig came back drunk. He had slept on the settee and Nigel had tipped the settee over with Craig on it. We reported this to his social worker Elizabeth Greenaway. There were other incidents but nothing too serious.
20/. Periodically we had meetings at the home in Wirral. Craig would be there, his mum and step dad, myself, his social worker, and the home manager now Adele Matthews. We talked about how things were progressing at the home, any problems and so on. Elizabeth Greenaway had one of Potens books showing staffing. She pointed out to me that Potens had charged for one to one staffing and that Craig had not had that. There were other discrepancies but nothing too serious, we decided to leave it as for now things seemed relatively calm. You have to realise that when you’re dealing with complex needs individuals when things are going even ok (ish) you don’t want to rock the boat for fear of capsizing it. There was never any talk about removing safeguarding at any of these meetings. Nor was there talk of Craig being transferred permanently to the Wirral’s care or transfer of social worker, Craig thinks a lot of Elizabeth Greenaway, she has been patient with him and even myself and Diane get on well with her. It is hard to build up a relationship with social services particularly when you have had serious ongoing problems with them.
21/. Over time staff come and go, Potens seem to have a high rate of change of staff (you need to check out various websites where carer’s have themselves left feedback over what Potens is like to work for). Craig got on better with some staff, and not so good with others. A young girl Jemma Rixon started working for them. It started out a bit ropey when she told Craig that she was calling the shots and he would need to do as she said. I think staff forget they are talking to human beings that are in fact adults with various needs. Anyway after a rather frosty start Craig got on better with her. She spoke to his mother many times in an effort to get to know more about Craig as she said. Two weeks prior to the allegation she made against Craig she had been talking extensively to his mother. She had asked about the previous allegations against Craig, and how would she know when he was getting angry, and so on. His mother just thought she was trying very hard to get to know more about Craig so she told her everything.
A few weeks later Craig called his mother in the early hours of the morning. He and his friend had been drinking a few cans of beer. Jemma had been on all day. The fire alarm had been triggered by Craig and that meant she had to ring her manager to say it was a false alarm otherwise the fire engine would come out and a charge applied to the house. You can imagine what it must have been like for an 18 year old inexperienced girl left alone with 6 complex needs adults with only a manager on the end of a phone if she needed them.
Early hours of the morning Craig had a head ache. He went to the staff room and Jemma had found some tablets for him. Now in the first case she is not legally allowed to give him any tablets other than his personal medication. Both she and Craig agree on the story to this point so I will give her version first followed by Craig’s.
She stated that Craig had locked the door inside the office with her in it and then also barricaded the door so she could not get out. He had flicked her on her head very hard and then grabbed her by the throat swinging her around the room and banging her against the walls and some cupboards in the room. Eventually she said he got her in a headlock. Then he said (in a voice that sounded like Freddy Krueger) information she had got from Diane a couple of weeks before, give me a suck I’m aroused, she said he went on to say he had an erection and he wanted her to bend over, if she didn’t he would kill her. She managed to break lose and escaped through the door locking herself in an adjacent bathroom. She then said she had tried ringing the police but the number (999) didn’t work; she couldn’t remember the pin number on her phone. She then rang her manager on the same phone. She claimed that Craig then started hitting the wall and eventually as it was only plaster it gave way and a hole appeared, she went on to say that she thought he was going to rape and kill her she jumped through a window landing on her back 10 feet below. Then struggled to her feet to a pair of passing milkmen screaming rape. They sat her in their van and Craig came to the door and grabbed a stick. One of the milkmen was given a golf club as a weapon and this ended up inside the vehicle at some point with her.
She then rang 999 and spoke to the police call handler. Nicky, one of the other clients had come out from the house, while Jenna sat in the milk float she left Nicky stood outside and after some time sent her back into the house where Craig was. Remember this was another vulnerable female adult and there was now NO staff in the house whatsoever.
After a while police arrived and arrested Craig, Jemma was then taken to hospital where she had injuries to her foot (chipped bone) and spine also chipped vertebrae. No other injuries be it bruising, finger printing grip marks or anything were to be found.
Craig’s version: – after she gave him the tablets he did an Ali G flick on her forehead (he does that to people he likes) she immediately flew at him grabbing him round the neck. He had injuries to support this statement. At no time did he say anything to her she ran out of the room (that was not locked or barricaded) into the bathroom. Now a few weeks previously she had told Craig she was asthmatic. When she locked herself in the bathroom he could hear her heavy breathing and thought she was having an asthma attack. He kept asking her if she was ok but she didn’t say anything so he grabbed a chair and started banging it against the wall. A hole appeared and he looked through it. Jemma had gone through a tiny window outside.
He then did what he always does and rang his mother. From this point she heard everything that what said as she stayed on the phone for over 20 minutes. Craig looked out and could see Jemma running down the road. He awoke another client user Nicky. She saw the hole in the wall, Craig went downstairs and outside. Diane heard someone say “fucking start with me you’ll get this round your neck” it was a male voice. Craig told his mother it was a milkmen. Craig then told his mum he would look for a stick for protection.
22/. We tried many times to talk to social services following the incident. Stockport social services told us that Craig was no longer in their care of duty and that he had already been transferred without our knowledge permanently into the care of the Wirral social services. We rang Wirral social services who said he was still the responsibility of Stockport. This was still happening up till the start of the court case.
23/. Following his arrest the police had provided him with a duty solicitor. Craig wanted his own solicitors and had told his mother that was the case. We tried several times to get his own solicitors to him but we seemed to get thwarted somehow each time. Eventually he just continued using the services of the duty solicitor.
24/. We asked the duty solicitor that due to the seriousness of the case should Craig not have a solicitor who specialised in people with special needs. He said no, he would handle the case fine.
25/. We went down to see him and he took Craig’s mothers statement saying it would be useful in court. It was never used at court however.
26/. The morning court commenced the mental health team came to tell us they would not be attending court. I telephoned both social services and neither was prepared to come and support us. In fact no one was called in support of Craig whatsoever. Because there was no professional support to help Craig this meant that the decision was made to put me in the dock next to him as support. The problem with that was that the dock was glass with very small gaps. It made it extremely difficult to hear what was going on and to give instructions through the glass so in the end we both just had to sit there. Outside the court the police had said they were charging him with rape. Once in court it had been changed to “assault with intent to commit serious sexual assault”, the criminal damage and affray also were included but not changed.
27/. The jury was sworn in and I got the same accusing look that Craig got even before the trial started.
28/. Judge Conrad was presiding over the court and his first instruction after they were sworn in was to tell the jury to try Craig as a normal man and to ignore any special needs that he had.
29/. The trial got underway, evidence was shown and so on.
30/. When Miss Rixon was to give evidence she had been in touch in the preceding weeks to say she didn’t require anything other than a curtain from which to give evidence behind. However, when the day came she arrived in a wheel chair and delayed the court by over an hour while they attempted to get her next to the stand to give her evidence due to the difficulties of getting her wheel chair in place.
31/. She gave her evidence through teary eyes. When she was cross questioned about the problem with the phone the judge quickly shut down the line of questioning, yet it was very important. If you truly felt at risk why would you ring your manger instead of the police? It was only when in the milk float she rang for the police prior to this she had rang her manager twice. once and not got through and then a second time .
32/. Furthermore, when the barrister cross questioned her about Craig allegedly asking her for a suck and so on again the judge quickly shut it all down. We could not understand why he did this unless he too had made his mind up.
33/. The milkmen gave their evidence, it was conflicting, the first agreed there was a golf club but that he didn’t threaten Craig with it and didn’t agree with Jemma as to where the golf club ended up. The second denied the existence of a golf club, and then said well there was a golf club but it was inside the house they were delivering milk to.
34/. We listened to the call handler. Something was not right with the conversation but we couldn’t figure what it was. The call handler threatened twice to hang up on Jemma too. The morning before the jury went out to deliberate our barrister had taken the tape recording home with him. He could not figure what was wrong with it. He played it most of the night and returned still not knowing what was wrong. The jury were sent out to deliberate and he suddenly realised what is was when they came back into the court to hear the call for themselves again. When Jemma was talking to the call handler her voice was shaky and nervous almost unintelligible. When Nicky came out to talk to her she didn’t let her in the milk float but kept her outside with the window wound down. When she spoke to Nicky her voice was flat and totally normal. Then when she talked to the call handler her voice became shaky again. Her voice bounced back and forth depending upon who she was talking to.
35/. Whilst the tail end of the trial went on we noticed Miss Rixon (Jemma) sitting alone. She gave evidence that she could not wash her own hair because she couldn’t lift her hands very high, that her relationship with her boyfriend had been affected, couldn’t walk, was depressed and so on. On the day that Craig was being sentenced she was sat with her arm around her boyfriend no longer in a wheel chair playing with her hair and even swinging her feet under the bench she was sat on. In the elevator she challenged our barrister and really shook him up. He said that in all his time as a barrister having cross questioned people in rape cases he had never been challenged like this before. On the way out myself and my mother in law were sat on a low wall outside the court awaiting the barristers return with copies of the court papers. Jemma walked past laughing at us without any difficulty or fear that she had shown in the court room only a few days before and in a wheel chair.
36/. Finally. We would add the following. Whilst looking at some of the older files we came across information where Craig had told a psychologist in Caulderstone’s medium secure unit he had been abused by a STAFF member whist in their care. We had not known this ourselves, neither where we informed nor alerted to it by Caulderstone’s.
We contacted them and PPU, so far nothing is being done about it.
I will send you some additional documents that are very interesting reading and support our statements that the duty of care was never correctly given to Craig even from a long time ago.
Hope you find this helpful…Brian Lees


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  1. Devon County Council social services,united Kingdom took are beloved nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away they already had him on the forced adoption list months before without even notifieying us they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said i want to stay at nannas which they breached the childs human rights,we was continually abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months by devon county council social services and the final case was already sewn up a week before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated us like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliating us at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday while they were around,they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and they never listened to what he wanted so they never took notice of the best interests of the child whatsoever when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was taking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order against her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he’s under weight the social worker made up false evidence reports and witness that had a vendetta against him we are unhappy with ur family courts it states right to a fair trial that was not a fair trial whatsoever the result was done a week before behind closed doors plus there evidence against that people was utter shambles they had no prove to back that rubbish up whatsoever so how can u say a person is a perpetrator and that they have nothing to back it up they didnt like it because we was telling the truth and they breached the law on all counts breached childs rights,right to a private life with he did not get they breached his wishes they harrassed the family cafcass tried bullying the disable brother Telling him to move out when hes happy where he is theyve got no rights whatsoever and the social worker with another social bullied the disable brother as well trying to get the disable brother to bully the nephew until they was over heard by a brother its states on devon county’s and cafcass website they follow protocol calls of human rights nothey don’t follow the codes of practice they breach them all the time they don’t no the human rights acts whatsoever.cafcass telled lies as well because it was written in there statements the child was asked what
    He want and he said say at nannas so that is breach of childs rights and they also believed the social workers lies falsified when we no who was a perpetrator it was the childs mum they said it was never reported they hid the paper work they lied we now have the paper work they hid it now proves they committed perjury the social service even got the nursery he was going to on there sidel by the lies they holded the 3 nrly 4 yr old for 5 hours when it is illegal to do so that is a form of kidnapp there complaints department is utter shambles they allow the culprit to investigate themselves which is a criminal offence they also withheld evidence reports saying no crime was reported which is a criminal offence we now have the paper work they withheld from the court from another case of there crime we also had criminal acts done by someone there end making lies up to the police which is a act of terror they hid records so how can they say the health care and all the are brilliant they is absolute corruptions they let the people who does the abusing keep there children the innocent people get set up with false reports based on hear as say evidence

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