In the link is the recent research now on the web page, all info on the web is well researched and it is very important to know why the SS are taking the children into care on hear say and allegations of emotional or future emotional abuse.  Figures show nearly 100.000 kids in care so how can 100’s of foster and adoption agencies make their thousands with some agencies having a turnover of millions from a mere approx. 100,000 kids in care and what of the 10.000 kids who have run away to the streets from being abused some aged 4/5, what of the thousands from the care system aged 16 left to live on the streets,  what of prisoners who now lose their kids because they are in prison, why do you think that many people under the mental health act are institutionalized then losing their kids, why are thousand of kids in care aged 16 being diagnosed with learning disabilities with parents told your kid will remain in adult care then we have the detention centres with thousands of kids from the care system on trumped up charges if you have the time please read the evidence from the link and forward,  and on a last note unless the people in the UK come together en-mass no kid has a hope in hell.
Maggie Tuttle.

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