Craig Cantwell miscarriage of justice

cantwell story 2015 Prisoner A7967CY  HMP WYMOTT  Ulnes Walton  Walton Lane  Leyland   PR26 8LW


I Am Andy Peacher  01444 390270 Skype freedomtalkradio1 and i believe this man to be totally innocent of this crime and urge campaigners to get in touch and national media to ask questions the witnesses the supporters all hold the key to Craig and his innocence.

cantwell story 2015

Just as a teaser to prove this whole case has been based on some lies some misunderstandings and some people ignoring the key facts and evidence  we have a Facebook screen shot of the alleged victim and one of the jurors of the trial was they friends before or after the trial i guess we will have to wait for the truth.


Too often vulnerable adults are in our community are harmed. They have little or no voice either. Not long ago if you approached social services telling them someone was being harmed by a carer or member of their own family they would not listen. So many vulnerable adults have been harmed that they can longer look the other way. However its STILL happening. We want to change that forever. Craig has been in care from the age of 8. He has been systematically abused, mentally, physically, even sexually. Now as an adult its still happening, one carer even took him home with her, had sex with him, then ran him back to his own residence afterwards phoning the police to say she had been raped by him. The story doesn’t end there…it gets worse..It needs to be stopped. The people that prey on vulnerable adults are still out there, next time it might be someone you are close to. Most of the time where abuse takes place it is where sole carers are able to exploit the fact that there are no witnesses. We want to campaign to get Care Service Providers to require a minimum of two staff during night times. This protects BOTH the staff AND the person(s) being cared for. If you agree that vulnerable adults need protection please sign our petition, lets make this mandatory LAW. (Craig’s Law) Thank you

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Emotional appeal from mother for her son who has learning difficulties & mental health issues


Emotional appeal from mother for her son who is now in prison. He has learning difficulties, and although aged 30 years has mental age of less than 15 years. Historically there have been false allegations made by social services which are now on his permanent file. Please sign the petition for safeguarding

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note…how the star and several other papers CLAIM he pleaded GUILTY..beat her and so on ..