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Live Broadcasts

Live Broadcasts

We ALL know there is something very wrong in the world today. we have government full of paedophiles, wasted resources for paid protective services who are failing the most vulnerable of our communities. We live in a world where it is LEGAL to bomb & kill children in war outside of our borders, and hide MP’s raping children under the SECRET SERVICE ACT FOR 50 YEARS and where it is ILLEGAL to grow a plant that is even written into the bible they ask “defendants” swear on in a court while sending them to prison AWAY FROM THEIR CHILDREN that JUST SO HAPPENS TO KILL ALL AILMENTS, VIOLATING HUMAN RIGHTS  ARTICLE 3 – SUFFERING AND TORTURING

I will not CONSENT to a MORALLY CORRUPT society and NOR DO I WANT ANY PART OF IT! Do You ?


Volunteers Wanted.

Radio Show Hosts, Volunteers & Guests Wanted

Freedom Talk Radio Listener based award-winning community radio station serving The Highlands Of Scotland and online. We broadcast Talk Radio Daily from Guests around the world plus specialist programmes, news and local community information, several hours a day, seven days a week. Freedom Talk Radio has become a favourite internet radio station for many people who are looking for an alternative source of information on current affairs and an insight into the truth around the topic of openness, truthfulness and transparency. Freedom Talk Internet Radio is run by, Mr Andy Peacher, which he has developed and has become the very platform for people with an alternative view point to come onto the show and to announce their findings, ideas and suggestions and allows them to open up to the citizens by revealing their true beliefs on just exactly what is taking place in our World from their view point, which does on so many occasions, conflict and call into question with what is being broadcasted by the mainstream media, which they dare not report the truth.

Working together on this global platform, run by you the people, we can solve all the problems of this world and provide the remedies for even the downtrodden wherever we find them.

Volunteers Wanted

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